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    rebuild or buy new motor?

    so it seems as if my piston rings gave out on my pto cylinder and allowed the piston to seize up. my question is should i rebuild or buy new motor?

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    Depends did you do damage to the crank? How good are you with engine rebuilding if nothing went into the bottom end and just your sleeve's got scratched go get bigger pistons and get it bored out. More power more fun post some pics of your pistons and motor lets see it

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    hey, I just saw your other thread. Sorry about your engine. Unless you are sure that the other issues you had are taken care of you may want to consider the SBT warranty. If you read thru here, the consensus seems to be that you can do a better rebuild with "better" parts than what you get with SBT. Considering you would be back on the water before the end of the season SBT may look better too. This has been dicussed a lot here. good luck.
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    Layne's right. No sense doing a whole rebuild or a reman if it just needs a top end. But you have to be sure the crank is good.

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    hey if you need a piston I have a brand new one thats .5 over or 2 over. I ordered the wrong size,
    you should just get your sleeves bored and add new pistons and NEW wrist pin bearing, and the stud o-rings are sold at Lowes,
    PM me so I can give you the item number, I found that RonniesMailorder has the cheapest head gaskets.

    I currently running WSM platinums on my ski and never had a problem. I also ran WSM on other skis, and they still holding up great compression. Its all about how you break it in, break in its the most important part of keeping the engine running strong for many hours to come.

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