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    Girlfriend bought a 98 xpl with a couple small problems

    She just bought a 98 xpl and i noticed a couple of small problems with. For one it doesn't beep when you put the lanyard key in it but it start's fine. So what should i be looking for with that? The second thing I noticed is after we go riding for awhile and turn it off, it won't start again due to it flooding itself. It run's fine with no bog or anything else but you have to let it sit for awhile before it will start again. I looked at the plug's and them seem a bit wet, washed and gassy smelling the rear one a bit worse. It has prok flame arrestor's on it but i have no idea if it was rejeted or what's been done to the carb's. Would adjusting the low or high speed screw fix this or should i be looking somewhere else? And yes it still has the grey fuel lines which i'm going to change out. I already have the new fuel line.

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    you have a leaky needle and seat that is flooding the carbs. leave the jetting alone if it runs once you get it started. i assume that the reason that you have no beep is because the beeper is unplgged or has taken a crap. change your gray lines and clean the carbs

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    here are the jetting requirements for the setup

    951 PRO-K STOCK 140psi Head
    MAIN JETS=167.5
    Needle & Seat = 2.0
    95 Gram Spring
    HS=1/2 MAG and 3/4 PTO
    LS=1 ˝

    I also would recommend sealing the holes in the fron by the hood latch, 98 were known for water ingestion, seal them up and when you redo the fuel lines you must take the seat off to get to the fuel pickup, remove the rubber cover, you wont need it, it will also give you more air flow, but remember seal the front holes, because the xpl are super nose heavy and you will see that part under water normally.

    the beeper craped out on mine too but i dont need it. I run premix and have a temp gauge to monitor the water temps

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