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    Ultra 150 Engine and Limp Mode

    Hello all this is my first post on this forum.

    I have a 2001 ultra 150. Two years back I had an oil leak and my middle cylinder blew. It cracked the case and I had it professionally welded. Beginning of this summer I finally finished rebuilding the engine and I took it out for a test ride and the middle ring blew and I had to replace the piston. Put everything back together and tested compression and all are at 110.

    When I took it out for another ride it seems to be going into limp mode. It wont go above 10mph, 3500rpm. I replaced the impeller and pump bearings. Checked the carbs, it has brand new spark plugs. The cooling seems to be fine, all the pissers are going, one up front, two above the pump and exhaust. The ski can rev up to 7000rpm when hooked up to a hose but once I put it in the water it instantly can't go above 3500rpm right when I drop it in. The warning light is on in and out of the water and has been since I bought the ski. I am not sure what is wrong with the ski and have no more ideas of what it wrong with it anymore. After two years of not riding and working on this thing I just want to get back on the water. If anyone has any ideas or recommendations I would be happy to hear them.

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    Well soundss like you got a bad temp sensor or bad connection to it. It is located toward the front side of the exhaust chamber and will have a white plug on the end. Make sure it isnt unplugged then check the test procedure in the manual. Welcome to the board!

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    I was thinking that. I tried to test it and I put the prongs of the tester in the end of the temp sensor plug and it couldn't get any reading of resistance. So does that mean a bad connection?

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    Also would the bad temp sensor only affect it when it's in water? Because it revs fine when out of water.

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    It will rev out of water because there is no load on it. No resistance woul mean its open or bad. check the manual for what it should read.

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    I can't get any resistance reading at the plug end (white part), so should I just buy a new temperature sensor? They're 100 bucks. Or is there any other solution to a messed up temp sensor?

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    Well you could put a resistor across it but if you really do overheat you wont know it. That would cause a major failure. I have seen a few on ebay

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    I'd be taking one more look at the pump, I chased my tail for a few weeks on that one. I know you replacd the prop and the bearings, but isn't it worth a second look anyway? ...

    I finally snagged a used pump on ebay..paid a little too much ($350) for it as quality unknown, but since the pump on one of these ultras was totally thrashed..figured it was good for a start.

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