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    Help Please

    Hi there

    My friend was looking at this ski in Pic, he asked me what to do about starting or running this ski, I asked him what year it is and He only could tell me it was a Virage TS or something like that. He also told me that ski has not run for a year. He lives on other side of Island so I can't see the ski up close unless I go drive 3.5 hours round trip. My question is, where does he start, Compression check? Change fuel and plugs? Where is the HIN # located on this ski? Look like it was covered so thats a good thing. Oh by the way I am only familiar with 2-stoke Kawis and also Four-stroke Kawis... Any info would be greatly appreciated
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    Yep, thats a virage,, K-447 would be the man to ask.. he has one.. A compression check would be in order first..

    see if it's consisent and 120 across the cylinders, that a good thing.. if its off more that 5%,between cylinders, something is wrong.. some have 10% difference which is still ok to run.. something like 120 120 80,,, you have issues..

    get under the ski and look into the grate and pump. the prop should be in good shape, no chunks missing and in the blades of the stator should be smooth and not all corroded looking. I bet this ski has been in salt water too.. hopefully the owner flushed it after each ride or else little screens in the exhaust could be partially plugged.

    check for corrosion on the engine and see if the starter turns the ski over.. check battery and what type is in there. A pc265 battery by odyssey would be great,, a glass sealed agm type is best. if it has a gas vent for it, make sure its vented with a little hose attached to it..

    he may want to change all the fuel lines for good measure and clean the tank and change the plugs, rebuild the carbs and check the stator bearing and impellor clearence with the wear ring with a feeler gauge. while the pump is out, check the thru hull bearing seals, couple condition and spline check and wobble check on the driveshaft..

    then good grounds , check the e box for tighhtness of the cover, straps for battery, and cdi box, tight exhaust,, tel tale signs of leaks, bilge operation check along with trim check if so equipped.

    lanyard check and stop button check.. make sure the gauge works and it should be clear and not foggy looking. check the volts stated on the gauge, you need at least 10.6v to start it,, maybe bring a battery charger with ya if needed..

    take the plugs out and check out the wash on the pistons.. bring a boroscope or a small led flashlight to look down them. you may have to bump the motor to see down there. you should have clean nail spots on the pistons,, if thier all black,, thats lean. totally clean is way too rich, small spots of clean is good. to start anyways..

    look for tell tale signs of a swamping in the hull. check the bottom for major damage or holes. look at the drain plug and see if its loose ot everything is good to go..

    Check the water fuel seperator for water in it. check all hoses for tightness and routing of hoses and wiring..

    write down what kind of plugs are in it along with the comp numbers.. then report back! lol

    take pics of the plugs, note color and condition. check to see if all the bolts are in the grate and rideplate. check the rubrail for missing rivits or plugs. make sure the seat locks properly. inspect hood bolts for tightness with no cracks in that area.

    I would drain the tank, clean the carbs, change the fuel lines and drain seperator,new plugs and charge the battery and hope for the best.. thats a nice ski. carves the turns great..

    how much they asking for it? ask what year..

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    That is a Carbed 2 stroke Virage., running the Kenith carbs. I think that color was the 1200 triple,if not it will be the 700 twin. The HIN is located on the rear ledge by the hydro turf. The last 2 or front 2 numbers are the year. Always a good idea to run a compression on a new ski,so you know the cylinders are good, also so you have a benchmark for the future.

    Has he tried to start it yet. I always like to rebuild the carbs and clean the tank and the fuel system completely out on a new ski so I know it won't give me problems. That is a great handling ski in big water,not the best but has been run by Billy Womack in the Long Beach to Catiline race before in the day with sucess.

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    Thank you, i will have the potential owner to read this thread, You guys rock!

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    looks like the 1200

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