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    Just picked up a 98 gp800 missing the motor and drive line. Tunnel question...

    I just grabbed a complete hull minus the engine and drive line. I was wondering if the 97-99 gp760, gp1200 and the 97-00 gp800 tunnels and driveshafts are the same? I found a good deal on a gp760 tunnel and wanted to jump on it if i could use it.

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    If a 1200 works I have one of those extra, 100 hours or so , so I'd expect it will need a new wear ring.

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    The GP800 and GP760 share the same tunnel (same part number), due to the 144mm pump. The GP1200 has a 155mm pump. I believe the drive shafts are all the same.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zmydust View Post
    If a 1200 works I have one of those extra, 100 hours or so , so I'd expect it will need a new wear ring.
    I hate to even ask this question, but what is a wear ring? I just lost a cylinder on a 1200 motor with 100 hrs on it.

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