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    2009 FZS or 2008 FX SHO.....please Help

    I have finally narrowed it down to two choices. I found a 2008 FX SHO for $7500, no warranty left, 80 hours or a 2009 FZS for $9250, no warranty but only 13 hours. Apparently, the engine is the same in both, right? The FZS is only 20 pounds or so lighter. Any ideas??? Would it be worth an extra $1700 to go for the 13 hour FZS or would you guys get the FX SHO and just use the extra money for mods?


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    For me that is too many hours on the SHO. You are looking at possible clutch failure soon and you don't know how the previous owner rode it. IMO the FZS would be the way to go...its practically new.
    Try and get the price down on the FZS.

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    Are they having problems with the clutches even on the SHO's that are not modded?

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