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    Kawasaki 750 SS Problem Running

    I have a 1993 Kawasaki 750 SS. I just got this ski and it will run for roughly 10 minutes and cut off and not start back. I can remove the seat when this happens and it will run just fine. I was just wondering if anyone has ran into this problem with this ski or any Kawasaki Ski before? I think it is an intake problem but not positive? Any suggestions? Any ways to fix this?

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    Sounds like the exhaust system is leaking into the hull. Is it full of smoke when you take the seat off?

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    No, not that I have noticed.

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    nobody has had this problem before?

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    Think about the problem, what does the removal of the seat fix? I think Steve is right. exhaust is filling the engine compartment, or you have the tightest fitting seat ever.

    Does your ski smoke a lot when running on trailer? If not, you might not see the smoke.

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    thanks, i will try and see if this is the problem next time im down there. I just havent noticed the smoke is all.

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    Also, pull the fuel pick-up from the tank and check your return-line dump and etc. under there. The tank on these needs cleaning at times and the pick-up/return gets plugged with funk from corrosion due to materials used. The chrome starts coming off the aluminum and plugs stuff up.
    Check for the exhaust leak like others said and there is also a thing on the front left engine area that was supposed to dump moisture from the bottom end that can leak. Make sure this is closed and stays closed. They make a block-off kit for it so it is best to delete this if you can. Can let air into bottom end and lean it out.

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    I'm with rlove on this. He and I have had some discussions since we both own the same ski and have had similar problems. I had both my fuel pickup tubes cracked from top to bottom inside my tank and had a ball of corrosion on the pickup that was blocking both the return and the vent. Removing the seat shouldn't affect the tank's ability to vent though. I think there is some sort of exhaust leak going on in there.

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    Thanks all. I will try.... Been kind of busy havent had time to full with it yet. But again thanks for all the help.

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