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    Montego Deluxe Turd! Turd! Turd!

    Hi All, New to the hulk, As you can guese by the title, I have a turd in a 95 Montego Deluxe.

    My understanding is slow holeshot is normal for this beast, and top end is limited by the
    pump the factory put in them (which apears like the heavyist hull with the smallist motor put in by tigershark maker). It actually runs good for what it is.

    I would like to move toward making the craft perform comparable to my polaris slt750.
    What can I do? Trade up?, install bigger motor?, newer pump? bigger motor & new pump?

    What pump can go in this machine with relative ease? What complications would I need to be aware of? Just fishing for ideas at this time. Wife would probably want to trade up option, I like the challenge. Thanks in advance for information

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    Just get another polaris.......

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    Put a streetbike engine in!!!!

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