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    Supercharger impeller question

    I just bought an 09 FZS (because I wanted black)
    We made a free flowing intake and rear exit straight exhaust at the shop. I did the Riva intake mod as well.
    We also removed the intercooler and welded a 1 3/4" tube to it and added one of our custom Turbosmart blowoff valves.
    It only has 2 hours on it and the best I got was 67.8 MPH. (seems slow to me) Maybe it will loosen up and improve with more riding.
    I have an R&D grate and pump seal kit coming from Macc Racing this week. (and his graphics kit) And am deciding on a ride plate.
    Anyway, my company manufactures Corvette supercharger systems utilizing Vortech head units and Vortech is going to hook me up with the larger isupercharger impeller and intercooler.
    They manufacture them for Riva etc.
    They make two impellers and I'd like to go with the largest one, just because that's what I usually do with everything.
    If I want to keep stock injectors etc. and just have the ECM flashed, can I or should I use the bigger impeller without issues?
    I think I'll be happy with 70-72 MPH, but I want it to pull MUCH harder out of fast corners.
    I'm not racing it or doing endurance racing but I do like to haul ass when I can.
    It's usually short WOT bursts as I'm getting old and it's getting harder to hang on in the rough stuff for long.

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    i think if u go with the big one u will be fine aslong as u keep it under 8600 rpms and anyway if then u decide to go big u already have it then but u shouldnt have any problems.

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