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    MSX 150 Problems.

    I have an MSX150 in with the engine warning light flashing when on the water. Revs limited. Access to digital wrench is non existent in this country.
    I removed the intercooler and piping to find milky oil present. removed the 2 map sensors and found one out of spec. Ordered and installed 2 new sensors from here same spec as Bosch OEM ones but cheaper.

    Also found the baffle plate in the oil tank
    had come loose so i rectified this.

    All back together now and the engine check light is on once I start the ski.
    (Only came on before on the water).
    It now starts fine but idles very high, 3000rpm and if i floor the throttle it will rev to max and remain there, I have to shut it off immediately.

    I have rechecked all hoses and sensor connections to no avail.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    No need to panic Steelroe, nothing is wrong, once you put it in the water it will settle down. As a precaution all ways put in reverse when you are out of the water this will hold the revs to a maximum of 3400 if it decides to take off. This is a known issue with the Weber powered MSX's

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    Thanks for the reply.

    Original problem brought on the warning light solid.
    Now the warning light is flashing. On a few problems will make it flash, overboost being one.
    Going to take it to water later today and how it behaves.

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