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    Diff between primer kit function & factory choke

    I like to have a good understanding of how things work. Can someone explain what, exactly, the factory choke setting does in the carbs to help start the ski versus an aftermarket primer kit? Recent events have led me to order primer kits, and thanks to Waterwoody & others I will "T" low off the return-to-tank line. I'd just like to know why this will make such a big difference in starting the skis.

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    Primer kits just shoot raw gas into your intakes, which in effect makes a richer starting mixture.

    A choke plate when closed restricts airflow thru the carb which will richen the mixture being pulled in from the metering jets. Some carbs ( CV types) don't do well if you remove the choke plates. Personally I'm against primer kits, maily due to the fact that the fuel lines are rather skimpy and if one lets go, you can easily burn your ski down. When I service a ski that does have a kit installed, I replace all the lines AND run them thru some rated fuel hose for added protection from engine bay heat.

    Most skis, when properly setup, don't need primers. Other skis with a notrious history for being hard starting have kits installed for various reasons.

    I don't install primer kits. Well I did once. On a FI tigerhark that wouldn't start if the ambient air temp was below 75.

    These are my personal opinions, I'm not wanting to get into yet another debate on primers.

    Use the search fucntion here for lots more discussion on the pros/cons of primers.

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