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    Nanoxcell hull - crappy clearcoat in the botton

    My FZR hull is all scratched where the bunks touch the ski (brand new Triton trailer), this weekend in the marina I had the ski backwards sitting in the ramp on top of the plate. I went to park and came back in less than a minute, the ski got a little bit sideways and the concrete ramp remove like a 3 * 3 inch of the clearcoat. I love the ski but feel like the bottom on this skis is crappy, or the materials used for the clearcoat are of inferior quality.

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    same thing on my fzr and loadrite

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    Pretty typical. I scratched the bottom of mine the first time in the water.
    I just mixed up some West System Epoxy and added graphite to blacken it since my ski is black.

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    yeah men the same shit with mine first time that i went to the water and got it in the trailer all scrathed freaking sucks

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