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    General Maintance Questions

    Im new to Yam's and collecting mine on Saturday morning

    Ive owned a Polaris for some time and was aware of oiling up the engine bay wires etc and flushing threw after each use

    Is there anything special with the Yam's to be aware of?? Im getting a FXHO160 Cruiser if that makes any difference

    many thanks

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    Read the owners manual. is it new or used? the service manual has a maintainance schedule. I have 2 FX HOs there very reliable! I change the oil every 50 hrs and the oil filter every 100 hrs. yami recomends spraying the engine down with scilicon spray. I have used scilicone on the engine and it works well, going to try fluid film. you can order service manuals for $7.50 us. on the internet. or get a disk for about $10. us. If you want to do your own work get a manual. Also there is a recal in the UK (update in the US)for the cooling hoses on the engine. they can come loose and sink the ski. They should change those out for free. call you dealer with the vin # (located under the seat on the port (left) side of the hull near where the aluminium seat support crosses the opening) he should be able to find out if the jet has the new parts or not. Hope thsi helps

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