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    1999 GTX Limited Intake Grate

    I have a 1999 GTX Limited, will an R&D intake grate help eliminate cavitation in rough water?

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    Let me rephrase: Will ANY after market intake grate eliminate/drastically reduce cavitation in rough water?? By rough I mean swells/wakes over a foot and a half 16"+

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    ???????????????????????NO one has a clue????????????????????????/

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    I was searching on this as well. A couple respected people here thought that the OEM grate worked about the best for rough water without scrubbing speed and for all around use. I don't know if GTX owners are less likely to mod their machines or they work so well out of the box, but I got no where with people running aftermarket sponsons on the same hull.

    You have a good wear ring and you pump is sealed well right? These hulls have a good reputation in rough water.

    FWIW, I run a Ocean Pro 2 Bar on my SL900 and an R&D scoop in my SLX780. The R&D is much better in the rough and only looses a bit on the top end to the SL900 with ~10 more HP. Is it the grate or the HP? Way different Hull design though, much flatter than the deep V GTX. The SL's need the scoop to stay hooked up, the GTX shouldn't.

    Keep bumping this till somebody running an R&D chimes in! I'm interested too.

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    Thanks for the reply RETRO. My GTX is good in rough water but I still get lots of "WANN" "WANN" "WANN" as the ski unhooks over multipal big wakes or waves.

    I ride on the Colorado River and Lake Havasu. Both are full of California Yuppies with their POS wake board boats. Those things throw HUGE almost dangerous wakes. Riding a PWC of any kind where 3-4 of those POS wake boats has ripped up the water is TOUGH. I want something to keep my ski hooked up. If I want to ride my ski I have to share the water with the yuppie boats.

    Cutting wakes is fun but not behind those boats, it thrashes the ski and constantly causes the ski to unhook and over rev.

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    An aftermarket grate should help keep the pump loaded in rough water. A lot depends on how fast you are riding and how rough the water is, if it's really rough and you are getting a lot of air time then nothing will help.

    I have aftermarket grates on both my skis and the one on the GSI made the biggest improvemnt as that hull likes to come unglued in the chop. The GTXL grate went on shortly after I got the ski, it does help keep it hooked a little better but no night and day difference.

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