Ok while pulling the stock air box off my 96 XP for the 1000th time I had a brain fart and this is just a thought tell me if it's stupid or not. Ok say you leave the black air box off and got one of the pre air filters for proks or K&N's whatever and you leave the stainless steel stock filter in cut the K&N waterproof pre air filter to fit perfectly over it the screw down the metal retainer to hold it in place. Would this be a bad ideal? I just am about to tune my ski up and I hate pulling that air box off to turn the screw 1/16th of a turn put it back on then take it off again you know what I mean. Also was thinking this would be better air flowMaybe someone did this before already I just don't trust running the ski without some kind of protection giggity,giggity if I have to put the black air box on every 5 min. while tuning so be it. Like I said though just a thought tell me what you think.