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    yamaha fx140 motor problem

    I just pulled out the motor from my 2003 fx140, no piston left on the stator side,rod through the side by starter, exaust valves gone on same cylinder, I bought ski used, is this a common failure? engine had sbt sticker on block and I noticed some pitting on other cylinders minor, also crankshaft had what looks like hot spots not on bearing surface but on counter weight area,is this normal or was this a bad rebuild?
    are there any other motors that will work for my machine?

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    If SBT engine, does it still have warranty?

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    Unfortunately this is a common problem with SBT rebuilt engines. I have the remains of a SBT FX140 motor without the hole in the side that should work as a core (if you decide to go that route). I also have a complete FX motor with less than 200 hrs.

    PM me if you are interested.



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    no warranty, previous owner did not tell me that motor had been rebuilt, but machine is too good to part out

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    pwcengines does a fantastic rbld,2 yr no bs warrenty

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