I have a 1998 Kawasaki STX 1100 Triple with constant velocity carbs on it.

2 of the needles for the slide were bad. By bad I mean the mount on the top which is what holds it in the slide is worn all the way down and the needles just dropped out of the slide.

I have 3 new needles that were off of a 1100 zxi I believe but they are slightly longer

My question is what do you guys think about running them?

being slightly longer will it lean out the ski too much?

what about running washers on the needle to raise it?

The taper on both of the different needles look the same

The number on the needles that were in it is N6PA

The number on the needles I have that are good that I want to try is N7FC

Any advice is greatly appreciated


Sorry I put this in the wrong section......