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    Kanaflex hose 8 ft sections


    Kanaflex hose 8 ft sections

    This hose is actually called:
    FLEXAUST model: T-7W
    company info and link:

    Temperature Range: -60F to 275F

    Hi I have top quality 4'' hose for sale. I had to place a order for 25 feet so I will be selling off the extra. I will not be making ANY money on this at all.

    I have 16 feet for sale. Id like to sell it all or two 8 foot sections.

    $5 per foot

    8 feet = $40 16 = $80

    buyer must pay for shipping!! heres what it looks like - NIce stuff!!

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2010-08-03 20.05.45.jpg 
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Name:	2010-08-03 20.05.57.jpg 
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Name:	2010-08-03 20.06.29.jpg 
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    Is this the same stuff riva uses on it's racing hood to the air filter. The one i have seems a little short, is it the same diameter. My hose sucks flat when i boost is this stuff stronger.

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    Im not sure what riva uses but this hose will not suck flat with a super charger.
    Its built tough for leaf vacs and other things like it. The Flexaust was built for massive suction! Its .030 thick but curls and bends without problem.

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    Dumb question..8 feet doesnt seem like enough to run it to the front on the RXP or RXT. You used 9 of the 25 was there a foot of extra in your install ?

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    I didnt cut it up yet but i was told that 8 feet is the number that puts the hose to the front.
    The RXP is a ten foot boat so i am thinking 8 would be perfect.

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    7 ft. works well IMO

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    oh cool - thanks for posting!
    there you go- you ll have an extra foot to play with

    ill also try to cut it a little over the 8 ft in case someone needs 8 feet there will be some extra

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    This looks like the same Kanaflex i ordered up here in Canada...paid $70+ for ten feet...IMO it is very good quality
    and i would use it again...has great high temp resistance as well...that price is fair..!

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    thanks- I think it is too. I really am not making any money on this top notch hose.
    I tried to squeeze the hose with one hand i cant and not even using both hands pressing as hard as i can the hose remained round and barely moved! its really perfect since it does flex and is rather lite

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