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    why my carbon ring not lasting long

    hey everone seems like i just changed my carbon ring. i notice i was getting alot of water in hull think goodness i installed a 500 gpm blige pump it saved me so it back at the dealer am sure its carbon ring why it wearing out so quick

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    Could be a faulty support ring (dammaged) or weak bellow. Also you sbould be sure when replacing seal to not get any grease or lubes on the mateing surfaces. Most common is a missalligned pump shoe and engine (from factory) causing the seal to wobble or spin out of allignment, unnecessary friction. You can rent an allignment tool from SBT to check the allignment. Be prepared to go through some pain and effort to correct the allignment of the shoe if its out. Scale of 1-10 of difficulty would be about a 9.5 in book. Just went through this on my PX, wasnt any fun, factory allignment was was off. Do a search on Pump Shoe Replacement or Engine Allignment to get you started.

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    Most likely your engine is out of alignment...

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    how many hours do you have on the carbon seal??...have you taken your jet pump out or driveshaft lately??...have you moved your motor mounts or removed the engine before from the hull??...the most common cause is misaligned engine or siezed engine mounts...

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    Carbon rings don't just wear out often. Running it too long out of water(even on hose) can make them very hot. misalignment, or broken engine mounts, can cause them to wear un nessecsarily also.

    I have over 600 hours on my 04' RXP, and have only changed the carbon ring 2 times, and belllows 3 times. This is more normal

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