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    Running pro 785 in salt water.

    I run my pro in salt water when I flush the engine on the hose I'm assuming this fushes the stinger pipes, inlet out let pipes and water jacket. Is it worthwhile flushing the exhaust pipes or do they not need to be flushed? I notice on some of the other polaris models they have flushing ports on the exhaust.

    Also I'll be fogging the engine after every use down the carb throats, is it worth while removing the plugs and firing a small amount of fogging oil in?

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    I flush both of my pros on the garden hose long enough for fresh water to come out the stingers upfront, on the stock one with the water hose hookup on the water outlet pipe off the head I have to run it a little longer to get the water circulating thru the stingers, but on the limited 785 I have a hose tee on the water inlet tube in front of the red water manifold, it seems to circulate thru the stingers quicker,
    as far as fogging goes my tuner at Genes tells me it fouls plugs really fast,
    but some swear by it,

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    Fogging after every salt water ride is the official Polaris recommendation.

    The main thing is to protect the crank case bearings, which normal engine fogging does.

    If it is well fogged through the intakes, then the upper cylinders should be protected enough without also spraying into the spark plug holes.

    Fogging may foul spark plugs more often, but they are cheaper than engine rebuilds.

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    Cheers thats really helpful. Skigo - roughly how long does it take for the water to come out of the outlets I can leave mine on the hose for two mins and nothing comes out of them.

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