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Thread: 96 Hurricane

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    96 Hurricane

    I have 3 Hurricanes now. 2 of them are acting up now. they will start fine and idle. but if you give them gas they will just want to die. if you keep slowing giving it gas they will just all of a sudden get going. Have done the Carbs, checked reids, fresh plugs, Is it possible the CDi box would be doing this. also sometimes if you just sit there and let them idle, for a while and crack on them they will have to problem to get going

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    Do they have the grey fuel lines still on them? they can cause some problems. Do they have the updated stator kit?

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    I don't know if they do have the upgraded stator kits or not. but they do have good spark. Is there a way to tell if they have the upgraded stator. The other funny thing is on Land they don't act up a bit. they will chugging up to the trailer and as soon as they are out of the water they are fine?

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    they wont act up without a load then. I know there is a way to tell but im not sure. there are alot of people way smarter than me that can help you with that. What about the fuel lines?

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