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    LOTS of 98 xpl parts FS! Whole LOT, CHEAP!!

    I have a nice box of misc. parts from my 1998 XPL. Make me a reasonable offer and its ALL YOURS!! Don’t forget to include a few bucks for PP fees and shipping of course!

    To my best knowledge everything works. Here is what I have:

    -2 Base Gaskets 5 hole & 8 hole
    -New Fuel Float
    -Used Solas 4blade 14/19R for a RXP!!!
    -New pump cone
    -1 new ProK flame arrestor
    -3 new misc crank seals
    -1 used speedo sending unit, intact not cut.
    -2 new BR9ES plugs
    -1 used oil pump
    -2 used grips
    -1 used but like new prop tool
    -1 used but good cond. RED coupling thingy.
    -1 used RAVE cap, spring & clip
    -1 used 175 carb jets?
    -1 used motor mount

    Really want to sell ALL as ONE DEAL!!

    Thanks for looking!
    Email me at

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    all sold, thanks!!

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