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    2000 gpr with a vx110 motor

    Hey fellas i have a new 2000 gpr hull with dash tank pump etc.... First is this a good choice of engine for reliability and gas mileage? Also will there be mods needed to throttle cable, stock gp dash or fuel tank.... Feel free to point me in the right direction as i embarc on this journey ..... Alone... Thanks to all fellow boaters.... Btw this is my second gpr ski my first got stolen with about 30 hours back in 2005... Enough rambling

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    Welcome to the Hulk

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    thank you sir....lots of great info on this site.....i will post pictures of my recent gpr purchase.. anyone have any ideas or inputs on my project?

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    welcome to the hulk, this should be an interesting build
    you would need all electrical from the donor vx ski. you will have to see what it takes to use the vx dash/cluster, as well as fuel pump etc...
    also, there could be some exhaust fabrication to line up the manifold to the water box inlet...

    hopefully someone could elaborate some more on motor mount alignment and such... good luck!

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    that should start you in the right direction

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    Well so far my hull came with an rxp dash, and what looks like rxp motor plates to sit the rxp motor in the gp.... From my research the motor mounts stock would sit the vx motor just perfect.... I would need yes the electrical stuff, dash, ecu, custom exhaust and waterbox, stator, midshaft, and is the anything im missing??? Btw all these rxp parts i might trade for some of this stuff im looking for.... Anyone????

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    I have some of the FX parts you may need for your conversion.

    I would try to find a wrecked FX HO as a donor ski. The VX was built as an entry level & Rental ski so it is lacking in power and some of the engine components are of a lesser quality. Also, many of the VX parts are not interchangeable with the FX like the intermediate shaft that you will need, etc.

    I am interested in what was in the hull that you just got and can possibly trade some parts?


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    in my hull i have what i believe are sea doo RXP conversion mounts..i'll snap pics today, i have an rxp dash with wires and connectors and thats it...i'll be grabbing a gp1300r efi tank with the straps, fx fuel pump, sterring and accelerating cables...flush hose, bilge pump, riva plate and intake grate, 4 fx motor mounts, gp1200 water box and finally an fx intermidiate shaft. anything else i need besides motors dash and electrics??

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    ok guys i'm very excited since i have acquired almost all the necessary parts for the swap.....all i need now is a 4 stroke motor with harness and a dashboard......i got the mounts,water box, fx halfshaft, gp1300 fuel tank with fx pump in there, fx bilge pump, flush hose, Riva ride plate cut allready, intake grate and other smal stuff......ONE big question i have is my hull came with a 1200r pump and impeller...thats all cute but the impeller seems very shiny as opposed to a stock impeller...the numbers on the impeller say (68A00) what kind of impeller is this??? dynafly, solas, concord??? i tried looking it up but nothing shows up and its definitely not stock....and its in pristine condition any ideas?

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    68N-R1321-00-00 IMPELLER

    that sounds like a stock 1200 gpr or xlt prop from 2002+
    its grainy stainless, shiny?...

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