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    Question 95 Seadoo GTS 657cc - Drive Shaft Wobble?

    My buddy sucked in a rope so to remove it I took the grate off. It was at idle when it sucked in the 3/8" rope and it stalled immediately. Once the rope was removed I started it up and took a look at the drive shaft. It has a slight wobble on it. When I look at the engine compartment I do not notice the wobble. Is the drive shaft supposed to be dead straight? Or is there a tolerance for wobble. I am a maintenance freak so if it needs to be replaced I will replace it.

    Also does anyone have removal/installation instructions for the drive shaft?


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    Sorry I have 2 units and the one with the drive shaft wobble is the 94 Seadoo GTX 657cc. Not that it matter as the internal and external drive line are identical.

    Thanks guys

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