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    Installed D-Plate, Having Issues

    I just bought a d-plate for my 2000 1200XLL due to the exhaust overheating. Didn't realize it was such a job to install, but I think I did it right. Pulled out the cat and what I believe it was originally attached to, and replaced with the d-plate. Reinstalled the sensor just past the cat, but didn't hook it up, as the RIVA sensor chip took it's place. Checked all of the bolts and clamps, and I believe everything is tight.

    Hooked it up to the hose and it seems the engine is running a little rough. I have a feeling it's either the spark plugs or the fuel. Another problem I am having is that water is not coming out of the pilot outlets.

    Any idea on what my problem could be?

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    running rough as in how? Is it missing or something ? make sure your plugs are good, may of knocked one on accident lightly and cracked it without knowing... re check all the wires and hoses you may have disconnected.

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    It just seems to be vibrating more than normal. It doesn't seem to be missing or anything. I think the RPMs are a little higher than they should be. It might be normal as I haven't owned the ski that long and I'm not used to it yet. If I can figure out why water isn't coming out of those pilot outlets I'll take it out on the water and see if it is running alright.

    I know my fuel is low and the gas in my gas can has been in there awhile (although I still put a little in the ski), so I don't know if that would have something to do with it...

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    When running on the hose, it does take a bit for the water to come out of the front 2 pissers. Your hose only has a small amount of water pressure. Make sure all clamps are secure, take it to the water, on the trailer and back it in, check for leaks then water test it.

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