First I would like to thank all at Greenhulk who answer all these questions I have been reading for several months and have learned alot, Im definatly a newby at the pwc world but I can tell Im addicted already, In the last 3 months Ive purchased a 93 Kawasaki SS 750 for the wife, 95 SLT Polaris for the kids to pull a tube, and I got an 94 xp seadoo, which I love, I know, no real impressive machines here but I wanted to get my feet wet before I jumped in with the real nice new machines but by next year I will be buying newer faster machines but until then I got to get by, my question is on my prop it says in the specs I have a 11-26 pitch a buddy of mine has a brand new prop that is a 14-21 what good or bad would that do for me. Thanks again