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    What year cluster?

    I have an 01 gpr that I am putting a 03 1300r fuel injected set up in and wanted to know if an 08 gauge cluster will work with my set up. Thanks

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    This Yamaha F1G-6820A-00-00 METER ASSY is also used on these models and components:
    2003 GP1300-B - WAVERUNNER GP1300R (Yamaha Blue & White ELECTRICAL 2
    2004 GP1300C - WAVERUNNER GP1300R (Racing Blue Metallic ELECTRICAL 2
    2004 GP1300CC - WAVERUNNER GP1300R (Racing Blue Metalli ELECTRICAL 2

    This Yamaha F1G-6820A-10-00 METER ASSY (BLACK) is also used on these models and components:
    2005 GP1300D - WAVERUNNER GP1300R (Black Metallic) ELECTRICAL 2
    2007 GP1300F - WAVERUNNER GP1300R (Yellow Metallic 3) ELECTRICAL 2

    as far as I know the only electrical differences were with the air temp sensor in the air box on the early efi ski`s.
    maybe the only differences are the color of the panel face, blue vs black...

    from what I can see in the shop service manual, the newer 05+ ski`s have the intake air temp sensor and the atmospheric pressure sensor are combined, whereas the 03-04 efi ski`s have 2 separate sensors.

    maybe wfo or woodster will chime in here...

    i know some members have turned back the hours on ski`s by replacing the cluster with low hour clusters...

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