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    Need help on pulling motor out of 08 gp1300r???

    Can anyone give me some pointers on how this thing comes out?Please help

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZIGGY18 View Post
    Can anyone give me some pointers on how this thing comes out?Please help
    I never worked on a 08 1300 before, but when pulling the 1200 out of my gpr is wasnt bad. Hardest part was wiggling the stock exhuast out. Once the enxhaust is out, remove fuel lines, battery cables, sensor wires and the 4 motor mounts. If your asking this question, you better download the shop manual.

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    set up a lawn chair next to ya when you start struggling take a break so you don`t blister your knuckles or worse yet run out of swear words

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    def get a shop manual...way to much info to type out when we have a very good search feature to basically tell you almost everything about a GPR...good luck...

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    get a engine hoist or a friend to help lift it out of the hole. all the exhaust and the top of the carb airbox need to be off. you have to kinda lift it up and twist it a little so it will fit out of the hole.

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    SBT has some good removal instructions for a GP1200R on their website

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