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    SL 900, Rear cylinder flooding.

    Looking for a simple remedy as the problem has only occurred after hull and engine filled with water. since then start it and only get to run on 2 plugs wires and spark alll strong and good. Removed carbes did thorough cleaning checked all needle and seats. Run it with air cleaner of and it blows back raw fuel mix. gas lines do not seem restricted, on take off and inspection,
    Thanks all feedback is very appreciated
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    Welcome to the Hulk!!!

    Did you inspect your reed valves for damage?

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    You know its the only thing left. It could be possible I guess when water locked it up to create back pressure and crack one.

    Note: Pulled them and sure enough an entire pedal is missing on the bottom side of cage on that cylinder.

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    Out of curiosity.How would mixing carbon fiber and fiberglass reeds perform? Carbons are for smoother top end , fiberglass faster snap on low end. Though of poss. leaving upper pedals carbon and changing lowers to fiberglass. Any thoughts has anyone tried this?

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