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    2004 Gti RFI cracked rod

    So out of all my old ski's the newest one I just picked up Blows a hole through the case like right after I picked it up from my local BRP that was fixing an electrical issue which just ended up needing a holder relay, anyway... my girlfriend was riding it when it happened and I have no idea how but this engine was still running very poorly im sure. Just wondering why the rod would crack like this, the other end connected to the crank has no play at all. I believe a wrist pin bearing caused this. The scoreing on the piston looks so fresh and clean, tons of rings there and hardly worn. the crank seals were good and no leaks else where when I pressure tested the engine at about 7psi . Im so pissed guys. I just spent 4k on this thing because it seemed like a great one for my girl because its fuel injected. no choke, fires up cold in a push to start. my other 3 seadoo's are carbs so Im kinda new to the seadoo efi thing now. Also my friend and Ive also read on here, claim SBT is junk dont bother. Sorry I have not posted in a while, Summer has just been to warm to be sitting around on the laptop. Also I took an unfortunate hi side rag doll at 55 60mph off the xp while racing with a group of other jettards. Dislocated left arm out of socket june 5, been 2 months and Ive been ITCHING to burn some gas guys ANY help with this project please.

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    Basically Im scatching my head. I found on ebay an rfi case for 200 but it has a small flashing on the face of the rotary valve area. The ebayer is 100 % and claims it can be filed down. Im just sol because I have no Core which sucks. Idea's!?!?!?!?!?!

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