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    Official 2011 kawasaki lineup discussion

    if everyone have expectations ,or even know waht products kawasaki have for next year please share....

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    stx would be rebuild ,new hull maybe new engine more fuel effiency, ultra would have trim , also bigger engine a 280 engine and also new performance prducts i think that stx will come again to be the racers choice

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    I would like to see them lighten the hull of the SXR a bit. I would love for a them to make a Gen3 X2, but that will probably never happen.

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    I am being told by a variety of sources that the SXR is going to be done soon. All two strokes are going to be phased out within the next 18months. They are already done in NY and CA.
    It is entirely possible to put a 4stroke in a stand up but that means that they need to go back and do r&d all over again. Considering they kept the motor *roughly* the same in the SX skis for 20 years.. I dont think its high on the priority list... not when Kawasaki wont even put in the r&d to make a competitive 2seater to stay in the race with seadoo and yamaha.

    I personally think that the SXR is the best all around stand up ever made. It has plenty of power and its size and weight make it very easy to ride and give it excellent handling over a superjet.
    Granted, its not as good a freestyle ski as a superjet but it is a superior handling ski all around.

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    Stand ups will be "done" in 2012 unless Kawi joins Yammi and designates them to be sold as "race only skis" available only to registered racers. One hope that might save the stand up ski is if BRP comes out with one running their E-Tech direct injection 2 stroke engine.

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