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    2006 VX1100 Delux Problem

    I have a 2006 VX1100 that has become increasingly hard starting and stalls at idle in or out of the water. Initially I thought it was a plug because it would miss at idle and would stall occasionally. Now I have to crank it and it stalls unless your on the gas. I first noticed a problem when I would flush the motor it would run rough at idle with the hose attached. Ran the diagnostic 8 second press the button test with code 01. Any ideas what I should be looking at and what is the cause? Oh checked the coils for resistance per service manual all values came in the same for each. Thanks for your feedback in advance!

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    OK check simple things first.

    1. Make sure there is no oil in the airbox. Remove air intake tube and fire to see if restricted air flow.
    2. Check for good battery voltage when running. Regulator issue?
    3. Check fuel filter.
    4. Check compression.
    5. Check throttle position sensor setting at idle. Stop screw.
    6. Check impeller shaft for obstruction. Ski rope or fishing line.

    Code 01 is all-good.

    If all that is good start w/ the "scary" stuff. Do a compression check. This will reveal things like altered cam timing, blown head gasket, droppedb/bent valve, etc.

    If compression is good, and air flow is good then it must be fuel related or electrical. Get someone to hook it up to TDS to do an injector pulse and cylinder drop test.

    Hope that helps.


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