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    2010 FSZ vs 2009 FX SHO what to buy???

    Hi guys,

    I need some help making a decision about which ski to buy.

    What is the main difference between these two skis and which one would you recommend?

    I'll mostly be riding w/2 passengers, but need space for the occaisional 3rd, in the local bays and jumping waves in the Ocean.

    Many thanks in advance to all.

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    Woops...that's a 2010 FZS, not FSZ....

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    ive ridden an fzr and bought the fx sho... they both feel equally as fast. either way you wont be dissapointed. i was set on getting the fzs but it sold the day before i went to look, so i bought the sho... i didnt ride the fzr in heavy chop so i cant speak on that but i do know the sho handles great and i can go wide open throttle with 2 ft chop no problem. hope this helps a little

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    i say sho....its great to have no wake mode and cruise assist

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    FZS!!!!!! tow hook , add 3rd person if wanted and a touch more storage!

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    SHO if you are riding with passangers.

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    Never ridden a FZS but LOVE my SHO.

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    The original post asked for the main differences which have yet to be discussed to I'll take a crack at it. The fzs and sho are both three seaters, however, the sho has a more stable hull (no full length lifting streaks or rounded keel) so the ride is a lot more stable. The fz series have an enlarged intake compared to the sho which equates to better hookup. The fz has telescopic steering (where as the sho has tilt steering) the telescopic steering allows you to really adjust the bars to your liking where as the tilt steering doesn't get as great of motion. The sho also has some extra features such a cup holder, cruise assist, no wake mode, etc etc. The fz has none of these features. You really cannot go wrong with either ski. If you are going to be riding alone most of the time then I suggest the fzs. If you are going to be riding with passengers a lot then I suggest the sho. Like I said before, you cannot go wrong with either ski.

    edit- the 2009 and 2010 FZR are basically identical. Same with the 2008-2010 sho.

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    This is such a great question now-a-days with the high costs of skis. They all seem to have thier problems, at least the the muscle craft do. I want the best of both worlds. I was looking at the 2010 Kawi 260, but feel the SHO might be better, but I'm being told to buy the FZS over the SHO.


    The ski will be used for racing offshore and river/lake endurance races. Also be a family river toy for trips on the Colorado River and lakes. So about 50 fresh and 50 salt water. I don't need bells and whistles but a stable hull for rough water.

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