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    657x Flywheel Removal

    I thought this was supposed to be easy - lol

    Well at least compared to the PTO. (Gave up on the PTO for now - its on my spare)
    But I need to get the flywheel/stator off the spare to go on the motor going back in the ski.

    Any do's/don'ts?
    I have ...
    Applied some heat(not a bunch though)
    Sprayed some PB Blaster after heating to draw it in.
    Applied torque ...
    Hit end of puller with 20oz hammer(few times) ...
    Tightened more w/ the impact ... pop ... bolt pulled out ... flywheel still on

    Any suggestions on what I need to do? or do more of?

    I want to get it swapped over so I can get out on the water this weekend

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    get a better puller one with a swivel button on the end. I dont like using impact on pullers because the blows/impact weaken the aluminum puller and cause the steel bolt to strip the threads. throw a pipe wrench on the pto to hold it and use the puller on the flywheel. spray more pb ,let it sit with the flywheel facing up for a while.

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    Actually (and fortunately) ... the puller I am using is a decent one (Autozone Loaner) and has the swivel pivot point you place on the end of the middle(Main) bolt. However, the M8 1.25X80mm bolts that are in the kit are a weaker grade in comparison to the hardened black bolts in other sizes.

    So, I went to 'Ace the helpful hardware place' and bought some new bolts that are hardened ... 10.9 (60mm length) ... and some 80mm 8.8 bolts to replace the ones in the kit ... which I'm thinking are a higher grade than the orig. bolts.

    I have the puller on there loaded with pressure right now and soaking in a spray of PB.

    Maybe, just maybe ...

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    Well it is still stuck on there.

    So maybe hit it with canned air turned upside-down(ie. blast it with cold)?

    Any thoughts?

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    i dont know how ur machine shops or ur local seadoo dealer works but the local dealer here has a puller its different then any puller i have seen before and he did it for 15 bucks. took him no time at all and i slipped him 15 bucks for hooking me up.

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    Cool ... Thanks ... I may have to try that in the morning ...

    Right now the Heat/PB/Freeze/Pressure method is not working ... even resorted back to the impact wrench a few tries.
    Sitting there loaded w/pressure right now...(waiting to maybe hear a pop)

    So it can't hurt to see if they have a better tool/method ...
    And ... there is a Seadoo dealership w/in a couple miles (granted they don't stock many Seadoo Parts and are more of a 'Victory MC' shop) ... But that can't hurt ... and might get me on the water this weekend, barring any more setbacks.

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    Went by the dealer, but ended up having to deal with the 'front desk' ... so ... was told it would be 4-5 days before they could even try (motor is out of ski ... so I had the motor w/ me). Decided to keep it and see if I can make a miracle happen in the next 4-5 days.

    Anyone know of a reputable, fair shop/mechanic around Lake Lanier (GA).

    Right now I have the puller back on it w/ a spray of PB ... and have given the puller a few more good wacks.


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    Heard a POP!!! tonight ....

    Loaded the motor up and headed over to a friends, to see if his bench had any better luck.

    Took a while and a few choice words ... along with a breaker bar and different penetrating oil ... but just as we were about to throw the towel in for the night to meet up w/ some friends to go see 'Faster Pussycat' (old school hard rock/punk) ... yeah I know ... ha-ha ... the mofo flywheel went pop w/o anyone touching it ... So glad to have that sun-o-mo removed from the old motor!!!

    I will say, that having two ppl working on it definitely helped, since it was not bolted down.

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