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    GTI + 2 Adults + Towing a GSXL for 30 Min

    Just to let everyone know... If you were wondering what would happen if you and your wife where out on a huge lake, in the middle and you decided to hit a roller at 62mph with the GSXL and wreck, losing your lanyard in the water, because you flipped head over heels over and over, breaking your lanyard wire...

    Your wife is on a GTI, no worries! Let's both get on the GTI and tow the GSXL back to the ramp!

    What is the result of such a great idea?

    Pretty sure the O-Ring is a bit melted - hrm... wonder whats under it...
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Hope you learned something!

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    i would think that the motor would go before the pump oring if you loaded it up that much.... i think that this was an existing issue already. bearings probably started to seize and this is the result. gti's ride two up while towing tubes constantly with no problems. it wouldn't know the difference between the two unless you nailed the throttle all the way back to the ramp.

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    It did have oil in it right ?

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    i dont think this was caused on the water, maybe someone been running it on the trailer too long????

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