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    96 sl900 electrical issues?

    hello all I hope I am in the right section I have 3 skis 780 never any issues just picked up an 650 no problems now the 96 sl900 I dont Know. New battery runs great after about 45min to an hour power drops including volts down to 11v I am guessing stator is bad I saw something about the ground wire from the bat to the box Remove? Help thanks Thom

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    If the battery voltage is sagging while you are riding, I expect that the battery is not being charged. Voltage at the battery with the engine running should be over 13.0 volts.

    If battery voltage while running is below 13 volts, you should unplug and ohm check the stator Yellow to Red/Purple wires (shut down engine first, of course).

    If the stator tests good, then replace the LR voltage regulator module.

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    I will check this afternoon thanks.

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    tested and came up with black to engine ground .5 ohms black to purple .905 ohms black to gray 90.3 ohms yellow to red/pur .9 and the yellow to block .79 red pur to block .795 i guess i need a stator

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