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    Just bought my first seadoos... HELP!

    I just bought my first seadoos and got a great deal but not sure they were as well taken care of as I would like to begin to take care of them.

    So, my question for all of you is what steps should I take to clean them up.

    The first is a 1996 XP (800 - All Yellow) - It runs well except I was told the speedometer doesn't work.

    The second is a 1995 XP - It currently does not run and only clicks. The owner told me it worked fine and then sat for a winter and didn't start the next season.

    The obvious step is to check the batteries and replace if needed and replace the spark plugs.

    What else should I look to take out and clean, replace, etc.

    Thanks for any help! I look forward to learning about everything.

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    check your wear rings and impellors and I would change my pump oil

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