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    engine oil guru`s (for automobiles)

    I heard that mobil 1 has changed in the last few years. is this true? did they cheapen out and are now refined, hydrocracked dino oil? what`s the story? I know castrol syntec is borderline synth... thanks...

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    Andy, Off to work and no time for proper reply....sorry

    Changed, well as some others are.... Dino..... no....just less of some what makes it and others "lube as well".

    Blackstone Labs....I use them for each vehicle and every other oil change.

    Now using either Castrol Edge or Rotella T... yes..diesel oil in a car.... 3x's the amount of cleaner and all the good stuff needed in diesels is great overkill and peace of mind for a gas engine.

    More when I have time........

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    That's why I get all my oil and etc. From Brain at Bnd automotive no worries here!

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