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    Waterlogged 93 650 sl

    I was rding with a passenger on the back going at slow speed and the ski rolled over and did not pull the kill switch, and ir ran like this for a few seconds, the ski took alot of water in the motor compartment and almost sank, now it will not turn over is there a way of hopefully salvaging this motor? and if so how? Thanks Jeff

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    The engine may be internally damaged from running with water ingested (broken piston, bent connecting rod, crank shaft twisted out of phase).

    Remove the spark plugs, and crank the engine to get the bulk of the water out. Don't burn out the starter motor while doing this. Charge the battery as needed.

    Do a search for how to recover from a flooded engine. Time is of the essence, as the steel crank shaft bearings will start to rust.

    Once you get the water cleared out, try to get it started. You may need to remove and dry off the spark plugs multiple times. Once you get it running on the trailer, allow it to run for about 20 seconds or so to get some heat into the engine. Shut it down, and let it cool for a few, then run it again.

    Shut it down, and check compression. If one cylinder is different from the others, then you will need to investigate further.

    Also check crank index (search for the how-to).

    After all this, run it one more time and spray a liberal amount of engine fogging oil into each carb intake while running.

    If there is no sign of internal engine damage, take it out for a ride. The best thing for a wet engine is to run it enough to get the water and moisture completely out ASAP. Once dry, a good dose of fogging oil should provide protection from internal rusting.

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