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    seadoo hx or waveblaster 1

    which do you prefer to ride a hx with factory pipe or waveblaster with factory pipe Im undecided which one to buy please help
    thanks Les

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    another thing is i want it for wave jumping I never rode a hx but have rode a blaster 1 the blaster is a little hard for me to get on in deep choppy water but im sure i can get used to it is the hx more stable to get on I own 2 96 xp's and love them for wave jumping is the hx good for wave jumping or is it front heavy

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    The HX is not easy to get on ethier plus it is a aggresive ski and if not paying attention it will bite you. It is fun and turns like no other but for a wave jumper .....I dont remember anyone saying they love to jump there HX. Ask anyone they love jumping there blaster. If you want to race and shred the water and ride aggresive get the HX. If you want a fun playfull ski thats forgiving jumps good and still a good race ski as well, blaster for sure.

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    HX's dont like jumping waves,they are too long.

    HX for racing & Blasters for playing.

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