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    hey guys, new here looking for advice!

    Hey guys, ive been here for a little while, and have said my 2 cent here and there, but for the most part, i just read what othe people say. first off, my dad and I(im 16) and i have a 2003 honda r-12x and a 2002 polaris freedom. now we bought the honda as a leftover brand new in 2006 and i can say we were spoiled by getting a brand new ski and want to do the same on new ski. we both love the reliablity, performance and ride of the honda, but now we are looking to get something a little faster, and newer, using the trade-in of the honda plus a little $$. My dad and i both love the new sho yamahas, but the brand new ones are over $10k and that aint gonna fly. another option was a seadoo rxp/t-x but those are also around the $10k range and i know some of them have reliabity issues and need supercharger rebuild after about 100 hours. Of course we would love to get another honda, a 15x, because we love the one we have, but also these are mega bucks. so that brings me to the big kawi's (250/60x) and they seem like they can be had for a reasonable price for the 07,08,09 holdovers. i have looked at the numbers on performance and engine sizes and ski weights, ect. i just want to know your guy's experiences with these ski' s before we go ploping some coin just to be dipleased. thank you for any imput.


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    07,08,09 ultras need the jet pump modded to 10 specs, other than that they are a great ski if maintained and left stock. always get the extended warranty and it will be high maintenance, more so than a turbo honda. also use more fuel, but they are faster and more capable in the rough surf, low to mod surf roughly the same. did I say they were

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