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    New Waverunner III GP Owner!

    Hey Everyone,
    I wasn't sure where to post this but I just picked up a 94 Waverunner III and its the first ski I have owned. Very excited to get it out in the water this weekend and looking forward to uncovering all the great info on the forum.

    As a side question, does anyone have suggestion on how to use a small winch to pull this ski onto a trailer? All it has is a through hole at the front of the hull where the pin drops in but I don't see a hook or anything in the front like modern skis have.


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    I have the same ski & occasionally we put it on a friends 2 place trailer & leave our single place at home. There's has a winch, mine doesn't. All I did was make a loop of webbing about a foot long by tying a climbing knot in it. Then i simply stick one end of the loop down through the bow eye, pull it even with the other end of the loop still sticking out the top & hook the winch hook through both ends of the loop & crank 'er tight. Cheap, works like a charm & won't scuff up anything on your ski.
    I also purchased an anodized aluminum bow eye, because a big wave made short work of the stock plastic one last weekend when I had the pin only partially in trying to put it on the trailer. It was $8 on I-boats. I wanted purple, but blue, or black was all they had in stock. The blue looks good & offers way mor protection than the plastic one.
    Hope you enjoy your new waverunner. We just bought ours earlier this summer & have had an absolute ball with it.

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    my xl700 just had the pin lock, i used to just pull it up..they're not big skis

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