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    Anyone familiar with surge disc brakes?

    I recently bought a Triton WC2-2 & got the surge disc brake option. I noticed some rattling from the trailer when going over bumps or rough ground, & after some inspection I discovered it's coming from the pads on the back of the calipers bouncing around. I can reach my fingers in there & move the pads around quite a bit. It's the same on both sides so I was wondering if it's supposed to be like that or if it may have been assembled improperly. I figured I'd throw this post up before tearing into it.

    I sent an email to Triton & they suggested having it looked at by the dealer, but when I asked Riva they had no clue because I'm the only one who has ever ordered a PWC trailer from them with surge brakes.

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    I have a Triton bass boat trailer with the surge brake kit also. Your probably missing the clips that hold the pads in place. Definitely, take it to a Triton dealer asap! You will find the hubs heat up alot if you hit the brakes alot. If they are bathed in oil, make sure you read about servicing the hubs correctly.

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