Hey Guys,

Need a little help here. Been trying get my 90 Seadoo GT (587 yellow 2 stroke) up and running. I know most of your advice will probably be sell it and buy a new one unfortunatly times are tough and the wifey wouldnt even let me think about it.. not to mention all the time and money I have invested in this one. Here is the issue. After getting it started it stalls on idle and sometimes revs really high on its own. It also sometimes starts easier when the fuel tank is switched to off rather than on. Some background info, engine passes pressure test, the carbs are freshly rebuilt, new starter, new battery, new spark plugs, new filters, fresh premium gas, and fresh oil ..... Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. I have thumbed about a thousand posts and havnt been able to find anything realted... I am at my witts end trying to figure this out. Thank you!