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    Angry 98 GSXL - Stalling then not turning over then starts then repeats!


    I was out on my GXSL tonight, wide open throttle and it just stalled out. It then started up, went a couple feet and stalled again, it did like 5-6 times then it just refused to turn over and sat there. I played with the layard, disconnected the battery and reconnected it. After a couple minutes it started up and ran for a couple minutes and repeated the above. WOT or slow speed - same result.

    The display is not showing anything. Since I have had it, when I start it, it says 12Volt Low. Even with a brand new battery. The beeper doesnt work so I am not getting anything from that.

    I am suspecting that it may be over heating and shutting down, then when it cools down it starts up and repeats the process.

    All suggestions welcome! This is tonights mystery for me!

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    Your symptoms sound like you run lean and unfortunately seized your engine... Check your carburetors and engine compression. If your compression readings are low and there is a big difference between the two cylinders, you might have seized that piston!

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    you can also pull the head and inspect the cylinder walls

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    Yup, the rear piston is beat up pretty bad! It is not blown yet, but will blow up rather soon. I wouldn't put 30 minutes on that ski. It will not see the water again this summer. Worth rebuilding a 951 or selling and moving on? I hear a slight rattle and wonder if it the crank, it also sounds like a disel engine when it idles in the water with the seat off. I have my eye on Seadoo 3D.

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