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    93 Kawasaki 750 SS problems running

    I have a 1993 Kawasaki 750 SS. I just got this ski and it will run for roughly 10 minutes and cut off and not start back. I can remove the seat when this happens and it will run just fine. I was just wondering if anyone has ran into this problem with this ski or any Kawasaki Ski before? I think it is an intake problem but not positive? Any suggestions? Any ways to fix this?

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    Sounds like maybe a fuel vent problem. Is it in an area where the seat mates with the hull?

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    I am not sure where it is? It will run fine for a while and then just bog down. I then will take the seat completely off stand up on it without the seat and it will go fine. Is the fuelvent inside the hull? I would've thought it would be outside?

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    I was thinking that it was the intake, maybe drilling some holes in the side of the plastic tube that come out at the back right under the seat? I just wanted to check here to make sure i wasnt going to mess anything up.

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    You don't have to post this question all over the place. It's confusing and rude.

    As previously mentioned, look for an exhaust leak.

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