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    time for new ski

    hi just new to the forum but have loved reading the posts for a while now
    so my question is its time for a second ski i now have a 07 stx 12f which we will be keeping for my wife and i wanted to get a stx 15f are they as reliable as the 12f also are they that much more powerful/speed or should i stick to another 12f most of our riding is in the surf.
    cheers guys got to love a kawa

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    Why not try a different brand? I have a 15F and it works fine but like everything it gets old. RXP maybe, something with trim would be nice and the 2008 and newer Seadoo SCs now have all the bugs worked out. That would offer more speed and acceleration and it doesn't burn much more fuel than a 15F at similar riding levels (same power extraction level -165hp and below) You won't have gas or fuel in the oil, blown pump bearings, SC belt problems, cracked heads, seized SC that need fogging all the time, etc plus the system is closed loop with anodes for salt water corrosion protection.

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    or maybe wait for the 2011 ULTRA's ?

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    Australia mate fair dinkum.
    Quote Originally Posted by KawaHead View Post
    or maybe wait for the 2011 ULTRA's ?
    definately wait.

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    did think about the seadoos closed loop and all now will have to think was sticky with kawa so could swap parts for those problem solving days

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    I would buy the 15f. I have a FZR and a 15f. The 15f is strong, fast enough and more nible than the larger SC ski's. Plus more reliable. Put an air filter and ride plate on it and the 15f is most enjoyable.

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    well.. I will wait.. my 08 Ultra is getting a little to slow for stock class racing now. Need more oomph against the other newer models!

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    Kinda liking the Honda f15, but I do love my ultra, when it isn't broken lol

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    i love my 12f in the surf but its the thought of more horse power that makes me wonder dont want to always think should of,could of, but didnt.
    dont want to go sc or tc to much to fix on weekend as is

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