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    XPL MPEM Questions..?

    Had a couple qeustions on a stock unit mpem from a 2000 xpl.
    1. Can you still send them off to have the rev limit raised. I assume yes but not sure who still??
    2. Is the stock rev limit 7400..?
    3. Is the stock factory timing setting...."0" or -1...?? Or depends on dealer or where there sent from.



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    i also would like to know where to send a mpem too. i was thinking of doing it to mine over the winter.

    i know the stock rev limit is 7200.

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    I can do it for you. PM me for details.....

    Stock correction value varies, I have seen 1 the most common setting.

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    Novi does good reprogramming. about 350 i believe to have flashed. and can have TPS sensor removed so can run the 98 cable for a lighter finger throttle

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