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    Questions about Ultra 150- possible oil pump failure?

    My issue involves the oil pump, but I will start the story from the beginning.......

    Took my Ultra out last week and everything was good until at the end of a 30 mile ride I start losing power.... I pull the seat and its flooded up to the driveshaft, its spraying all over (now I know why the pto cover should be there) I drain it and evntually see the water coming though a bolt at the driveshaft holder, I pulled the drain plugs and rode it back 20 miles. I made it back and the ski stayed dry but it didnt want to rev. past 5000 rpm the whole ride..... I pulled the plugs and heads and didnt find anything troubling so I figured I had a misfiring plug wire, would let it dry out and try again after i fix the leak. Now to the real mystery..............

    While removing the driveshaft today I noticed the oil line for #2 was bone dry, the rest were full (the front balancer line did have some air pockets) . I then pulled the head again to see if I "overlooked" something, aside from the fact that the plug and wash says that the cylinder wasnt firing, there were no major problems .

    Does the dry oil line sound like I could in fact have a bad oil pump? And would that cylinder last without oil even if it wasnt firing ?

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    How much oil did you have in the tank? Ive heard if its not full enough and your hitting some chop that it can cause air bubbles in the pump thus getting sucked through the lines. Me personally I have my pump blocked off but from others they recommend replacing your lines with tygon and make sure you prime them with oil before the install. Also bleed your oil pump while putting premix 50:1 in the tank.

    You can check flow rates of the oil pump and the values are in the manual.

    Ive been told that there has never been a known Kawasaki ultra pump failure so I would look elsewhere first; but then again I guess you can never say "never'.

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    1. I had a full tank of oil

    2. New lines on a rebuilt, rebuilt motor with 10 hrs no problems

    3. With no oil in the #2 line ( not even a drop at the pump), I would say flow is out of spec... Maybe something clogging that port ?

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    Hmm...are your lines "see through" if so look at the line near the pump is it pumping out at all and just not getting to the cylinder?

    Def. run premix till you figure it out #2 relies solely on oil from the pump where 1 and 3 will get some from the bearings....

    First thing I would do is blow out the line prime it from pump to cyl. then reconnect and run it...if that doesnt work I would look at the pump as the problem.
    There are always a bunch on ebay under 100 and I think a new one is 170.

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    Ever get your problem straightened out?

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    Not yet, I have a spare oil pump I have to dig out when I get a chance. I always see them on ebay, but ya never know what your gettiing on there...

    And to answer your question 250- the line was completely dry, not even a drop at the pump. Strange, I cant believe Im the first to get a bad oil pump...

    On a side note, I ride with a modded Rxp, and he burns half as much fuel as I do on our rides. Consistently. It's almost time...

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    Hey man you can always block off the pump to the 3 carbs and keep the 2 lines to the balancers and keep the oil cable hooked up. Mix 50:1 in the tank and call it a day you'll never have to worry about running dry again.

    I did some calculations on this in a post on here if I can find it ill show you. It shouldn't hurt performance much at all its a minimal amount that gets sent to the balancers.

    The worst thing you would have to worry about is fouling plugs in cyl 1 and 3 and with 25hrs on this setup haven't fouled a plug since and no issues (knock on wood).

    Hey this is just my opinion and I seem to be lone ranger with this route but its worked well for me.

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    Does it still not rev past 5K? Haven't had it out yet to check probably..?.. And 250 mine was like yours until yesterday, the 3 carb lines were shortened and fed into the oil pump supply line with a TTT fitting feeding only the balancers. It worked fine I suppose. But I'd like to be able to fill my ski at the pump and just add 100:1 for insurance instead of filling and premixing a 6 gal can 3 times and still needing to top off the oil tank. (shrug, that's just how I prefer to premix)

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