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    Can u change a 2010 FZR into a 2010 FZS?

    By simply changing the rear seat, rear plastic seat mount, and adding the ski attachment hook up?

    It looks to me that these Parts (from the FZS) would simply bolt right onto the FZR.

    The reason I'm asking is that Im not that found of the yellow/black color scheme on the FZS (and my local dealer doesn't have a blue one in stock), but he does have 2 FZR's he wants to move, and I really like the red color scheme, but I need the ability to tow a skier/tube and carry up to 3 passengers.

    Thanks guys!

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    Does anyone know if this can be done?

    Thanks all!

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    Sure it can be done. However, the ski would is still be rated as a 2 person ski on the plate so if you got stopped you could get yourself into some trouble

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    Check your local laws because as long as you have a rearview mirror its ok to pull a skier in SC. . . just my two cents

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